November 11, 2016

Comfort Amidst Turbulence

We still have tickets available for the Mexican feast pop-up this coming Monday, November 14th.  See the poster above for details.  We did a sample tasting this week and the food is delicious!  Feel free to call with any questions.

These past couple days I have been reminded of the importance of a neighborhood restaurant.  Regardless of your position on the recent election, this is a time of major change and unknown future developments.  In a period of upheaval, the consistency of an experience at The Park is a true respite.

It’s always fun to check out new hot spots, to be in fancy dining rooms, to see and be seen.  There is no lack of options for this kind of restaurant experience in LA — more and more are opening every week.  As entertaining as these experiences can be, they usually are anonymous, without connection to the space or the staff.  It feels like a transaction where you are both served and fed, but not nourished in any personal way.

The size of a neighborhood restaurant, the frequency of regular customers, the casual nature of the vibe, the longevity of the staff, the presence of an owner who cares; these are comforting and dependable attributes.  Instead of seeing and being seen, it is possible to know and be known.  It is possible to come in sad and leave happy.  It is possible to come in agitated and leave calm.

Every restaurant has its own experience to offer and the best you can do is fulfill the promise of your particular offering.  At The Park we offer nourishment in the form of fresh and tasty food, but also the nourishment that comes from being cared for as a human being and that comes from the energy of having the same staff in the same room year after year, cultivating a feeling of acceptance and belonging.  Not every minute of every day, but at our best, that’s the promise that we fulfill and that is our contribution to the neighborhood and to the city of LA.
Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

-Chef Josh

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