April 14, 2017

New Spring Menu

Yes, we will be open for brunch and dinner services Easter Sunday.

And here is our new spring menu!

The Park — Spring 2017


lentil with vegetable soup – cup $5 / bowl $7

classic new england clam chowder – cup $6 / bowl $9 with bacon garnish

szechuan fried calamari – $10 with spicy sesame-soy glaze

crispy chicken wings – $8 tossed with caramelized ginger and garlic, fresh chopped green onion and cilantro leaves

savory rhubarb cornmeal tart – $9 with strawberries, watercress, fresh ricotta, aged balsamic, black pepper gastrique

spicy truffle habanero garlic fries – $6 with parsley and parmesan

house smoked trout salad – $10 creamy horseradish dressing, watercress, pickled onions, fried capers, toasted bagel chip

ricotta ravioli – $9 mustard greens, wild mushroom broth, toasted breadcrumbs, garlic chips

crispy sushi rice cake – $9 with sesame avocado, marinated cucumber, pickled daikon and carrots, spicy black pepper fried tofu, lettuce leaves, herbs, and lime


wild arugula salad – $10 with savory granola, farro mushroom croutons, shaved parsnip, heart of palm, and roasted carrot vinaigrette

butter lettuce – $9 with dry cherries, smoked almonds, aged gouda, shaved fennel, and sherry vinaigrette

caesar salad – half $6 / full $10 the classic with anchovies on request (CONTAINS FRESH RAW EGG)


grilled polenta – $17 with grilled asparagus, mushroom cherry pepper ragout, and crispy onions

eggplant parmesan – $15 with side arugula salad

roast jidori half chicken – $20 with demi-glace, french fries, and arugula

wagyu steak – $20 pan-seared butcher cut steak with pickled chile butter sauce, spanish rice, rajas, pico de gallo

bouillabaisse – $20 tomato fennel broth with rock cod, shrimp and clams served with grilled ciabatta and rouille

roasted lamb belly – $20 rubbed with rosemary, garlic, fennel and chile flake, and served with zucchini fritter, sweet potato puree, mint and roasted garlic jus, pickled ramps

chicken piccata – $16 lemon caper butter sauce, tuscan fried potatoes, grilled broccolini

vegan piccata – $17 pan-fried cauliflower terrine, sweet potato puree, snap peas, marinated mushroom piccata sauce

grilled scottish salmon – $20 with garlic noodles, smashed cucumbers, sautéed pea tendrils, meyer lemon ponzu sauce

wagyu braised beef osso buco – $20 with risotto milanese, gremolata and pickled giardiniera vegetables

spaghetti & meatballs – $16 served with garlic bread

spaghetti vongole – $16 with fresh manila clams, white wine, garlic, shallots and parsley

chicken caesar salad – $14 with anchovies on request (CONTAINS FRESH RAW EGG)

buffalo chicken salad – $14 with romaine, cabbage, crispy onions, tomato, blue cheese dressing


lamb gyro – $12 with harissa, tzatziki, pickled onions, roasted tomato and shredded lettuce on homemade flatbread with choice of fries or mixed greens

falafel sandwich – $12 with tahini dressing, harissa, shredded lettuce, roasted tomato, tzatziki and marinated onions on homemade flatbread with choice of fries or mixed greens

buffalo chicken sandwich – $10 with buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing, romaine, crispy onions and tomato on our burger bun, served with choice of fries or mixed greens

the park wagyu burger – $12 / home-made veggie burger – $11 with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickle with choice of fries or mixed greens
substitute caesar or wild arugula salad – $2

add for $1 each – cheddar cheese, mushrooms & garlic, caramelized onions, crispy onions, chipotle BBQ sauce, buttermilk ranch, homemade aioli (CONTAINS FRESH RAW EGG)

add for $2 each – gruyere or bleu cheese, applewood bacon, fried organic egg, avocado


grilled asparagus $6 side meatballs $7

garlic noodles $5 garlic bread $5

zucchini fritter with tomato sauce $5 side arugula $5

french fries $4 grilled broccolini $6

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

– Chef Josh

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