December 27, 2016

Party For Your Sanity

New Year’s Eve is a tough night to get right. You want it to be festive, celebratory, mildly reflective, heavily forward leaning. It’s not so much about the past year as it is about the year to come. Now is the time to reflect on 2016 — when we hit NYE, it’s about welcoming in 2017 and the wondrous unknown future that we will hopefully be lucky enough to witness and participate in.

Over the years we’ve done mostly multi course tasting menus with varying degrees of success. I just thought that’s what a restaurant is supposed to do on NYE, that’s what customers are expecting. But last year we went outside this self imposed box and threw a cocktail party that was really fun. And, more than anything, having fun is of primary importance on the last night of the year — spending time with family and friends, maybe even meeting some new people.

I really love traditions, the constants in life that you can look forward to and depend on throughout the year. So we are in the process of creating a NYE tradition with this cocktail party theme and we’re building on last year’s efforts to make the night even more special.

The full line up isn’t totally set yet, but we will for sure have some live music, a drag performance, a comedy set, a tarot reading for 2017 and a photo booth. Of course food will feature most prominently and we’ll have a rotating cast of fancy passed appetizers taking us through the night. You can check out the menu below.

I told the staff that whether ten people or one hundred people show up, I just want us to have a great night full of revelry and celebration. After all, it’s our NYE also. You can drop in for an hour on your way somewhere else, or come with your party and stay with us all night. However you want to play it, we hope to see you and celebrate with you.

Whatever you decide to do for New Year’s, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday and only the best for 2017.

NYE Menu: $25/person

mini lobster rolls

oysters on half shell

shrimp cocktail

smoked salmon, salmon roe, bearnaise, mashed potato puff

ceviche tostada

king crab, mustard custard, tart shell

beef tartare brioche toast

chicken liver, potato latke, cole slaw

prime rib, horseradish, yorkshire pudding

assorted sushi

coconut noodle shrimp cakes

lamb curry panzerotti

seafood gumbo, crispy rice bowl

miso marinated black cod, scallion pancake

wild mushroom turnover

garlic greens bundle

miso cone stuffed with spicy tofu, pickled daikon, radish sprouts

truffled mac and cheese

roasted baby carrots with harissa

cauliflower cake with remoulade, shaved fennel, radish and parsley

farro mushroom cake with radicchio marmalade

beet, walnut, frisee, goat cheese tartlet

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

-Chef Josh

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