December 16, 2016

She’s The Cheesiest

New Year’s Eve is coming and we’re ready for it. All the menu details are listed below, but the short of it is that we’re throwing our second annual NYE cocktail party and it’s shaping up to be on the fun side.

Monte 52 (our sister sandwich shop over in Highland Park) is hosting a cheese class and tasting this coming Sunday, 12/18 starting at 6pm. The details are also listed below. I will be in attendance, doing some light cooking, so come by and say hi.

Earlier in the week I was helping Erika, the managing partner at Monte 52, figure out the particulars for the cheese class. It occurred to me, once again, how deep and wide the world of food is. Erika asked me if I wanted to talk about any of the cheeses we are showcasing in terms of process, technique, region, aging and the other components that determine the properties of a particular cheese.

I got a little nervous when she asked me because even though I’ve been cooking professionally over 20 years, even though I am familiar with many cheeses and have only met a few I didn’t like, I actually know next to nothing about how they’re made. It’s like they’re a little mystical subset of culinary delights, hanging out in their caves, improving, developing character, waiting to be selected.

If you’re like me and love cheese, but have never really peeked under the hood, you’ll really enjoy this class. Erika worked at The Cheese Store in Silverlake for almost five years and she is the cheesiest enthusiast I have the pleasure of knowing. She will guide us into the depths of this mysterious world and we will enjoy samples of some of her favorite specimens, along with some dishes that highlight these same cheeses.

If you want Hanukah food prepared by us, for pick-up on 12/23, here are your options and prices.

potato latkes 12 for $10 (fully cooked, just reheat in oven)
brisket with sauce $10 for cooked 6 oz. portion (a hefty single, or light double portion)
matzo ball soup $5 for cup (1 ball), $8 for bowl (2 balls)
home made apple sauce $5 for half pint
horseradish apple cream $5 for half pint

Call 213.482.9209 or email us with your orders or questions.

We also have full sized chocolate oatmeal tarts or NY style cheesecakes for sale at $40 each.

NYE Menu: $25/person

mini lobster rolls

oysters on half shell

shrimp cocktail

smoked salmon, salmon roe, bearnaise, mashed potato puff

ceviche tostada

king crab, mustard custard, tart shell

beef tartare brioche toast

chicken liver, potato latke, cole slaw

prime rib, horseradish, yorkshire pudding

assorted sushi

coconut noodle shrimp cakes (dunk in dipping sauce)

lamb curry panzerotti

seafood gumbo, crispy rice bowl

miso marinated black cod, scallion pancake

wild mushroom turnover

garlic greens bundle

miso cone stuffed with spicy tofu, pickled daikon, radish sprouts

truffled mac and cheese

roasted baby carrots with harissa

cauliflower cake with remoulade, shaved fennel, radish and parsley

farro mushroom cake with radicchio marmalade

beet, walnut, frisee, goat cheese tartlet

holiday cheese class, this Sunday, 12/18, 6:00pm

A brief description:

The class is based on our 6 most popular cheeses.
The following details will be discussed on all 6 cheeses:
– where the cheese comes from
– the process of how its made
– salty and sweet parings
– beer and wine pairing suggestions
– how to use it in a dish

The following will be tasted during the class:
-all 6 of the cheeses straight-up, with no modifications (except a bread or cracker for the gooeys)
– the cheeses again with one one of our sweet and salty pairings
– and the cheeses again in some of our own classic dishes prepared by Chef Josh from the Park Restaurant (who is also my partner)

Purchases made from the deli case after the class will be 20% off.
Hope you can come!
Reply to this email to RSVP, call (818)626-0822
or come in person to Monte 52.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

-Chef Josh

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