January 6, 2017

So Fresh And So Clean

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great night and is enjoying the beginning of 2017. If you were here with us, then I know you had a great time because our party was top notch, if I do say so. The performers were excellent, the food and drink flowed smooth and steady, the energy was truly festive. Thanks to everyone who showed up and to our staff who worked diligently to make sure the night was a success.

As much as I enjoyed the holiday season, I am happy to be back to the well worn pattern of normalcy. Getting away from the pattern was critical, the heightened intensity of the holidays, the robust socializing, parties and events blurring into each other. And now, the familiar groove of routine has a freshness and lighter quality than before, the benefit of a new perspective that enhances and sharpens my perception of the same old same old.

This coming year we will pick up where we left off in many respects. The cooking competitions will begin again, we are planning the next Mexican feast, our seasonal menus will continue to blend past favorites with new efforts, we will organize more wine tastings, we will challenge ourselves to pursue our ambition of being in the upper echelon of LA restaurants, and, of course, we will continue with Dress Hall, our monthly Saturday dinner and drag show.

It’s a minor miracle that we have the opportunity to remain here year after year. We appreciate your support, your patronage, your enthusiasm for this restaurant. It is our privilege to continue to maintain and grow this project, to deepen our relationship to the neighborhood, to improve and develop our skills, ideas and abilities. You can call it a labor of love, but there is love here and that is our greatest accomplishment.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

– Chef Josh

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