November 10, 2017

Thanksgiving At The Park

Thanksgiving is coming up!. We will be closed, of course, but only Thanksgiving Day, so please visit us with your family and friends before and after the holiday if you’re not totally stuffed and sick of food.

This is one holiday when I leave the cooking to the rest of the family, really my mom and sister-in-law, and I just do what I’m told — I love it. But, I do enjoy cooking the American classics that make a great Thanksgiving meal and we are offering these classics to you in case you want to take it easy for the holiday.

Brined, roasted, sliced and plattered Diestel free range turkey: $8/lb (plan on 1 pound per person)
Brined, cold smoked Diestel free range turkey $7/lb (roast it yourself in your oven like normal and enjoy a moist smoky turkey)
Mashed potatoes: $5/person
Sweet potato puree $5/person
Roasted brussel sprouts $5/person
Cranberry sauce $10/pint
Gravy $8/pint
Bread stuffing $5/person
Pumpkin pie (serves 12) $24
Apple pie (serves 12) $24

I need all food orders in by Monday, November 20. I can not guarantee orders after that date, although I will try to accommodate them if possible. To place an order, please email us at, or simply reply to this email.

All orders will be available for pickup Wednesday, November 22. We will provide detailed re-heating instructions.

As difficult as it is to believe that the holiday season is again upon us, we are geared up and excited for all the cooking and celebrating opportunities in our near future. For those of you cooking and hosting your own Thanksgiving celebration, I salute you!

Sunday BBQ (choice of 1 meat and 3 sides for $20)

Texas style smoked angus prime brisket with moppin sauce
Carolina pulled korobuta pork shoulder with tangy vinegar sauce

mac n cheese
collard greens
red slaw
ranch beans
fried green tomatoes
corn bread muffins
tomato pie

–Chef Josh

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