September 1, 2017

The Park Cookbook

Greetings joshua

Dress Hall is coming this Saturday night! It promises to be an epic adventure and those of us who know the inside scoop are very excited.

I’ve been thinking about doing a cookbook for The Park for a couple years. The other day, Jamie asked me out of the blue if I ever considered doing one and that reminder came at exactly the right time.

After almost ten years of developing seasonal menus, weekend specials, Tuesday fixed price menus, and writing over 300 weekly email/blog posts I have a lot of material. It’s more a matter of organizing, editing and adjusting recipes for the home cook.

The primary challenge is defining an organizing principle for the book, an angle that entices readers while offering a unique perspective based on our particular experience and history as a neighborhood restaurant in LA. This is the journey upon which I am beginning to embark.

My first thoughts are to include our origin story and try to identify the decisions we made that managed to keep us in business during the tough years of the past recession. One of the things that differentiates us from many other restaurants are the special nights we have developed — along with recipes, of course.

Food is at the heart of The Park and would also be at the heart of any cookbook we put out. With so many recipe options to choose from, I am interested if anyone has any special requests. The veggie burger recipe is not an option, however. That one is proprietary.

A good cookbook tells a story through its recipes and food combinations. Our food story is about exploring and creating dishes from various cuisines using straightforward ingredients to create bold flavors and appealing textures. Or that’s the starting point as we move along this journey. I will periodically update you as we make developments and focus the guiding principal vision.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

-Chef Josh

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