August 11, 2017

The Unicorn Sandwich

Greetings joshua
Thank you to everyone who came in to try the pastrami dog sandwich this week. Sold em out.

Those customers who took advantage of the special will be happy to know, objectively speaking, that your $5 sandwich was the best food purchase you ever made. Except perhaps that time you spent $5 on four al pastor tacos at the taco truck of your personal persuasion.

Let me tell you why. I’ll start with the bun. That bun was made by Dakota, our pastry chef extraordinaire, and you will never find that bun anywhere else in existence with the possible allowance of a tiny pastry shop in Bavaria with a mad scientist baker sporting the equivalent skills of the aforementioned Dakota.

He developed that bun specifically for this sandwich and this sandwich alone. At first we thought a pretzel bun would be cool. But then, thinking about the pastrami component, we reasoned that nothing short of a rye caraway pretzel bun would complete the sentence.

This is not a recipe that you google. This is a recipe that you create from your years of practicing your craft, thinking, trying, revising, adjusting until you get the product that began in your mind informed by your salivating tongue, which is where all food cravings and thoughts begin.

The pretzel crust is toothsome and yielding, the rye caraway flavor emerges as a vapor when you cut open the slightly steamed bun. The interior bread texture is soft and moist. One unanticipated but most welcome feature of that pretzel crust is that it holds all the juice and fat from the sausage without getting soggy or soaked through.

The sausage itself has been in development on and off for three years now. I’m finally happy with it. It’s a four day process between stuffing, brining and smoking. I wish we had a smoke house to hang it for longer, but we must use the smoker we had fabricated out of a used insulated food holding cabinet. It works.

Of course we make the sauerkraut, the 1000 island dressing. We leave the mustard making to Grey Poupon and the gruyere cheese to the Swiss.

It is exceptionally rare to conceive a taste as a complete thought and then be able to execute it to taste the way it did in your imagination. I can only think of a few other dishes in all my years of creating dishes that have met that mark. This one does.

We will continue to serve this sandwich. I hope to popularize it and give it a life of its own. We’ll see what happens. It will never again be offered for $5, however. And now you know why.

Have a great weekend and hope to see you at The Park.

-Chef Josh


  1. Michael Scanlon says:

    This is more than
    a dog,
    it is a great Dane!
    It burst with flavor.
    Would like to get one
    before a D game.
    The park is right in
    the path of travel to
    the stadium. You should
    have your sign out front
    on game day promoting
    your delish P-Dog

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